March 18, 2013

Phalaris Canariensis and The Rise of Thor

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The Rise Of Thor.
Thor is the God of Thunder. In order to better understand the world's current affairs, we've ought to read natural phenomena through his perspective, also. From this chapter onwards this blog acquires a certain ambiguity to include both Jormungandr and Thor in its analysis thereafter.

November 17, 2012

Introduction: The mythological origins of Jormungandr and its role in today's news.

Welcome to Jormingo's Nest. Before beginning this blog's writing I'd like to manifest some important aspects of the blog, its history and its mythological backgrounds.


Jörmungandr was the Serpent of the Earth for a long timespan, as recollected by the Norse Eddas, the prime written sources for Norse mythology. Jormungandr, believed to have existed by most Nordic peoples throughout Northern Europe, was said to have been so long that it would forever bite its own tail and encircle the Earth from within its oceans.

This, of course, was a symbol of revolution, continuity and renovation, as some of the most important aspects of existence, both human and Universal; aspects that permeate our planet to no end. It, Jormungandr, was the main enemy of Thor, the God of Thunder, son of Odin, and both were destined, well before they had first confronted one another, to fight each other at the Battle of Ragnarok, when Jormungandr would die, assassinated by Thor, and Thor, in turn would perish, poisoned by his venom.

Throughout Thor's lifespan only two encounters took place between him and Jormungandr. On one occassion, whilst fishing, Thor's ship was promptly attacked by Jormungandr, whom he'd crush with his mighty hammer, Mjollnir, but Jormungandr would escape freely into the ocean.

Jormungandr, within the context of Jormingo's Nest, is a master concept from which this blog derives. Jormingo's Nest is based upon the idea that if Jormungandr were to have a son, Jormingo, from whose perspective the modern world was analyzed, this blog would compile such an analysis.

The problems of the modern world could all thus be analyzed through Jormugandr's concept, seeking through the depths of its symbolism, on revolution, continuity and renovation.

This is, thus, my attempt, as I take the place of Jormingo, living in Jormingo's Nest, to decode the modern world by using perpetuity, infinity and revolution, in a humble attempt to lead the readers through its lifetime, for whilst I live, this will be my contribution to mythology, cosmogony and human philosophy.

Welcome, so, to Jormingo's Nest, and may you enjoy your stay.

Yours sincerely,