March 18, 2013

Phalaris Canariensis and The Rise of Thor

We all know the power of nature and medicinal plants, but did you know that you could lose weight by using canary grass, also known as alpiste?

In this blog we're concerned about our reader's health, and so we will ask of you to keep reading and take advantage of the following tips to lower your weight.

Phalaris canariensis, or alpiste seed, is filled with enzymes and other nutrients that may help you lose weight, which you may do by drinking alpiste milk or alpister water, but there is also the option of alpiste tea.

The Rise Of Thor.
Thor is the God of Thunder. In order to better understand the world's current affairs, we've ought to read natural phenomena through his perspective, also. From this chapter onwards this blog acquires a certain ambiguity to include both Jormungandr and Thor in its analysis thereafter.